Art Nouveau Inspired

These pieces have been inspired by art nouveau and incorporate tradiational subjects from this time period like flowers and birds but with a modern twist in the way they are represented and combined with gemstones. The line is available in sterling silver and gold with a variety of uniquiely cut gemstones.

Textile Techniques

This line is made using traditional textile techniques using precious metals. Pieces are knit, crochet and woven with gemstones added as accents!

Ball Bearings

The Ball bearing series is a kinetic line of jewellery made is sterling silver and gold with steel ball bearings.

Petals and Spears

Theses shapes are used to create jewellery with volume and minimal weight.

Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane is a Japanese technique of layering metal. Each piece has multiple layers of alternating colour combinations of metal.


The work in this line is offered in sterling silver and gold. Each piece is different because of the fabrication technique used to make them.


Finally jewellery for men! These pieces use clean lines and geometric shapes.

Pouch Series

This series explores the concept of what makes jewellery precious.

Captured Heart Series

These pieces are based on the Gestalt principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Big Ring Series

These comically over the top jewelled rings can be made with a variety of gemstones in almost any shape or size.


Sterling silver and diamonds


This recent work combines the various techniques of previously separate lines.